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Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival
Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival

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Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival
Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival

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Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival
Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival

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Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival
Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival

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Film Festival

Vol. 7

August 5-7, 2022

Lakeside Film Festival is an open-air cinema weekend held by a remote lake in the woods just outside of Berlin.
The Lakeside festival team take over an entire former GDR holiday camp and convert it into a weekend film festival consisting of four large outdoor cinema stages.
Screening late into the night the open-air film program includes a selection of the latest film festival titles, plus cult classics, psychedelic horrors, stoner comedies, documentaries, and short films.
During the day enjoy swimming in the lake, relaxing in nature or joining the program of podcast recordings, film quizzes, live music and DJs.

Cabin Options

SOLD OUT // All Cabins have Sold Out! There are remaining camping options available

Film Programme

2022 Program 

Nude Tuesday


Sundance Short Films 2022

Speak No Evil (English Subtitles)

Mandibles (English Subtitles)

Flee (English Subtitles)

Moments Like This Never Last

Achtung Berlin | Youth Topia (English Subtitles)

GRRL HAUS CINEMA | Horror & Camp Shorts


Plus More...

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Lakeside Film Festival is located in the beautiful Brandenburg countryside near the Polish border. It is easily reachable from Berlin by train. The campsite has a secluded lake, plenty of space for enjoying the sun, a fireplace and grill. 


Klingemühle 4, 15848 Friedland, OT Chossewitz, Brandenburg, Germany

How To Get There


The nearest train station is Grunow (LOS), which is also sometimes called Grunow (Niederlausitz). There are two options to travel from Berlin by train but only one is ideal for transporting bikes.

NO BIKE OPTION: RB36 from Königs Wusterhausen to Grunow: Take an S-Bahn to Königs Wusterhausen. Then take the RB36 regional train from Königs Wusterhausen (direction Frankfurt Oder) and get off at Grunow. This year the service is under construction with a bus replacement taking over the journey for several stops. This makes it difficult to travel with bikes!

TRAVELLING WITH BIKE: RE1 from Hauptbahnhof via Frankfurt Oder to Grunow: Take the RE1 from Hauptbahnhof or Ostkreuz. Travel to Frankfurt Oder. There, take the RB36 back in the direction of Berlin (Königs Wusterhausen), and get off at Grunow. 


Here you can find the times for both directions of the RB 36.


A shuttle bus service will run from Grunow train station to the campsite during the festival. The shuttle runs regularly on Friday and Sunday however on Saturday there will only be two options.  

Shuttle Times:


Grunow to Lakeside | Shuttle Hours Between 16:00 - 21:30



Grunow to Lakeside | Departing 13:40

Grunow to Lakeside | Departing 16:00


Lakeside to Grunow | Shuttle Hours Between 12:00 - 18:15


You can also bring a bike and ride from the train station. It’s a beautiful ride! Be aware that the train staff may ask you to wait for the next train (1 hour) if the train is full.  If carrying equipment, you may ask the shuttle bus to transport it from the station.

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Food and Drink

The Lakeside Diner will serve a menu of meals and snacks, with vegan and meat options.  There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner menus all weekend. 

You can also bring your own food and drink. There is a communal grill for use in the Village area. Please note: there are no shops anywhere nearby. For those coming by train, the last stop for groceries is Berlin or Frankfurt Oder.

What To Bring
  • A tent and camping gear (It usually rains at least once during the weekend)

  • Mosquito spray, mosquito coils, long protective clothing 

  • Festival Outfits - A Lakeside swimming and chilling outfit, a rainy mood outfit, and late-night cosy outfit (Expect all weather conditions. We screen all night long so the chance of rain is higher. It can also get cold during the late-night screenings. Stay dry and comfortable with an umbrella over your head and a poncho over your lap. Bring your sleeping bag to keep warm and cosy. This combo covers your legs keeping you warm and dry all night long)

  • Inflatable boats or paddle boards 

  • Cash for kitchen & bar (no ATM or cards)

  • Food and drink (or buy at bar and kitchen)

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Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 11.13.18.png

Camping is included in the ticket price.

Bring your own tent!

The limited number of cabins have SOLD OUT

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