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Lakeside Food & drinks

The Lakeside Diner will be open serving food all weekend long. Scrow down to see the menu below. There will also be a bar serving cold beer and drinks.

Payment is by cash only. Cards cannot be accepted. There is no ATM on site.

You are also welcome to bring your own food & drinks on site.

Lakeside Diner - MENU


Evening meal


Vegan Rendang with jasmine rice, grilled vegetable-tempeh skewer, peanut sauce, cucumber salad - 13,5€

Grilled vegetable-tempeh skewers, jasmine rice, peanut sauce, cucumber salad - 9€



Vegan breakfast buttie - 9€

Buttie with bacon and egg - 10€

Grilled mushrooms on toast - 8€

Granola with yoghurt, fresh fruit - 6€

Tacos from 1pm

Vegan Tacos Mixtos - 10€

Birria Tacos - 10€


Fancy Slaw - 5€


Nachos, cheese sauce, pico de gallo, pea guacamole - 9€






Breakfast Burrito - 9€


Granola with yoghurt, fresh fruit - 6€

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