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War Pony

Riley Keough, Gina Gammell

Two young Oglala Lako­ta men grow up on Pine Ridge Reser­va­tion. At 23, Bill just wants to make some­thing of him­self. Whether it’s deliv­er­ing goods or breed­ing poo­dles, he is deter­mined to hus­tle his way to the “Amer­i­can Dream”. Mean­while, 12-year-old Matho can’t wait to become a man. Des­per­ate for approval from his young father, a series of impul­sive deci­sions turns Matho’s life upside down and he finds him­self unequipped to deal with the harsh real­i­ties of the adult world. Bound by their shared search for belong­ing, each of the boys grap­ple with iden­ti­ty, fam­i­ly, loss, and a world built against them, as they nav­i­gate their unique paths to manhood.

Eng­lish & Lako­ta with English Subtitles.
USA. 1h55min.
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